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From communion cups to slot machines, flu drives caution in shared spaces

All surfaces, not just those directly related to gaming, get attention, whether it’s the chairs where patrons sit or the door handles they grab. Even the lost-and-found area, Ilko said, regularly gets a sanitary wipe down from the cleaning crew. Ilko said local casinos have a special council where they trade sanitation and other tips, so other facilities in the area are likely to be following similar regimens this flu season. Though they have few other commonalities, churches, like casinos, have certain touch points where a little extra attention can go a long way. Regardless of denomination, it’s common for parishioners to “share the peace” toward the beginning of a church service by shaking hands with those sitting in the pews around them. Holy Communion is another potential sacred vector with bread and wine passing from pastor to flock in remembrance of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. These activities, said Kevin Eckery, vice chancellor and director of communication for the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, are optional at the 98 parishes the organization oversees. There has been no official decision to curtail sharing of the peace or the cup at all churches in the diocese, but some pastors are choosing to pull back due to the severe flu season. “If a pastor or priest at a given Mass is not comfortable, it’s not required,” Eckery said. In general, he said, the diocese has a standing rule that it requires parish churches to curtail these divine points of contact only if the county’s public health department officially declares an epidemic.

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