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Can 'Exam Roulette' Reduce Test Anxiety? | The University Network

When Dr. Andrew Petzold , an assistant professor at the Center for Learning Innovation at the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR), heard his students say that they were experiencing feelings of anxiety and unpreparedness before long-form essay exams, he decided to find a way to help them. He developed a strategy that he calls “ Exam Roulette ” to help his students prepare for written exams in which they are instructed to answer a series of essay questions. “I had been giving students topic areas for them to study for a while and had often heard the feedback that students ‘studied for the wrong things’ or ‘froze-up when they saw the essays,’ ” he said. “I figured it might http://ultrabetsk5hul.basinperlite.com be beneficial for my students to know more of what I was looking for in my essays before having to answer them.” So, with the intent to help his students feel more prepared before writing an essay test, he began to provide his students with a list of potential questions that could end up on the exam. The class before the exam, students are allowed to ask clarification questions about the topics. Petzold will answer these questions to help guide their studies, but won’t provide any specific information that could be used in a response. On the day of the exam, Petzold rolls a die to select which of the questions will end up on the exam. Each side of the die corresponds to a potential essay question.

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