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Establishing Primary Criteria In [casino]

Federal law states that sovereign tribes can offer Class III gaming if anyone else in a state also can. That meant the tribes could offer their video gaming machines, which under federal law are the legal equivalent of the state lottery. Negotiated compacts with the state govern the tribes gaming activities. Rep. Randy Armstrong, R-Pocatello, who serves also serves on the State Affairs Committee, said its Loertschers goal to take all the gaming machines out of tribal casinos statewide. And this would be devastating to their economic situation in all of them from Coeur dAlene down, he said. Loertscher said the legislation would bring all gaming in Idaho under the same umbrella. Furthermore, Armstrong said a document floating around the statehouse shows a picture of a billboard advertisement on the interstate just outside Ogden that reads, 200 new slots in Fort Hall. They advertise them as slot machines so Id take their word for it that they are, Loertscher said. There are a lot of gaming machines that apparently dont qualify as slot machines because they arent a random number generating.

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